We are here to make your Job-site Clean & presentable

Rough Clean / Sweeps

We will provide you a :

#1 - Frame Inspection Sweep/ job site clean up

#2 -  Paint Sweep

#3 -  Carpet Sweep

 we will also provide additional Job site clean ups as needed.

 We provide trusted/well trained employees, we keep them accountable throughout the entire build. From scheduling to production and quality control, we stay focused on the goal. 

Final Clean

The industry standard in the final clean is a

#1 - Rough Window Clean,

#2 - then a  Final Clean for best results for your superintendents after carpet is installed

Some builders add a pre-carpet clean to their scope.  

#3 -  walk clean with an additional window clean for your home owner presentation

At this time also a Pressure Wash of all of the flat work, garage and sidewalks should be done.

#4 -  Move-in clean is the last clean once escrow is closed and the home owners get there keys.

I can not say this enough having the right cleaning Company to work closely with your superintendent to insure the eye for detail in these cleans are the best this is what final ties all the hard work together during the build.

Job Trailer Cleaning onsite

We offer  job trailer cleaning for the Construction team to keep there work area clean during there busy schedule.  We will do it weekly or bi-weekly which ever is needed.

Model Home Maintenance

We offer Model Home Maintenance for your up and coming communities.  We  can set up the service to meet your needs  supplies, scheduling, window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc...

It works out for all as we are in the area in the production part of the build and able to help with emergencies which often arise.

Pressure Washing / Window Cleaning/Concrete Scrubbing/Graffiti Removal

Pressure Washing -  We are totally SWPPP compliant we have a water recovery system and we also have HOT Water a must when offering a quality pressure wash.

Window Cleaning -  We train all of our window cleaners to use the highest quality equipment and window cleaning techniques.  It all starts with knowing the glass and how to treat it as you clean construction debris from it we have 30 + years of experience in window cleaning.

Concrete Scrubbing -  We use a floor cleaner when necessary to remove the stains left behind in the building process that will not come up with pressure washing.

Graffiti Removal - We are able to remove  graffiti from community walls, roads, bridges etc...